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Have Your Say
In the tradition of reading the back page last, I’ve just read your excellent article on plastic. I’ve been a fan of washing and reusing my pots for years. I probably have way too many – my own, those I inherited at the allotment, and my late dad’s,
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Boost Your Biodiversity
Wildlife isn’t having an easy time. Reports detailing the demise of the natural world are being released with alarming frequency. We are told we’re in the midst of the sixth mass extinction of the past half-billion years. The last one was 65 million
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Is Your Garden Looking Peachy?
As a small child, every Saturday afternoon I would be taken on a visit to Granny Curson. My mum’s mum, and a redoubtable woman in every sense, she loved her garden and through spring and summer we would drive out to a nearby garden centre to critical