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Our first ever autumn/ winter catalogue is bursting with seasonal flower and vegetable bulbs, ingredients, Italian hand tools and pruners, recipes, which seeds to sow now for winter/ spring harvest, Roman scented

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Kitchen Garden2 min read
Benefits Of Weeds
Surprisingly there are actually some benefits to leaving a few weeds on your plot. Some weeds are edible and what a bonus, a crop you have had no input in that freely grows with no care. Some edible weeds include nettles, dandelions (although they ne
Kitchen Garden4 min read
Controlling Weeds
Weeds are just plants in the wrong place as defined by the gardener. They are really part and parcel of the local ecosystem and you could argue your crops are in their way! Weeds can also be beneficial (see page 63) however, generally we do need to c
Kitchen Garden3 min read
We will be following the highs and lows of the growing seasons for our five gardeners and comparing how their crops grow in different parts of the country. Here are our five … ■ Small garden veggie grower and blogger ■ Bill says you don’t need an all