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Winter radishes are much larger than their summer cousins and generally milder in flavour. They are perfect for an autumn/winter crop when veg on the plot is less abundant. Varieties differ in shape, size and colour. Mooli (also

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Kitchen Garden6 min read
A Flavour Of The East
Gardeners seem to have been quite slow to latch on to the great possibilities offered by oriental veg, yet they are delicious and nutrient-packed. And because of the way they are often prepared, i.e. cooked briefly in a stir-fry, steamed or eaten in
Kitchen Garden4 min read
Under The Hammer
Flower pounding is a magical process: using natural materials each impression will be a little different from the last. Some images are almost perfect replicas of the flower; others give more of a creative impression of the plant matter. Use it to pr
Kitchen Garden2 min read
How To Enter…
SEND: Six pictures. One photograph of the person who tends the plot, one photograph showing an overall shot of the plot, getting as much of it in as possible. The remaining photographs can be smaller sections of the plot or crops.  SEND: Six pictures