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“The key to growing for health is to include crops from as many different plant families as possible”

The vitamin and dietary supplement market is a multi-million-pound industry. It thrives on the perception that optimal health can’t be achieved through food alone. Yet alongside soaring sales of pills and potions, rates of diseases like cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s continue to rise.

Because despite advances in science, a multivitamin will never compensate for an over reliance on processed food, or fruit and vegetables that are lacking in nutritional quality, due to modern farming methods and depleted soils.

In fact, researchers at Newcastle

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Consists of 30 plants, 10 plants each of: ■ ‘AMETHYST’ – These compact plants produce an excellent crop of stringless, quick-maturing beans over a long picking season. 15cm (6in) long pods that turn green once cooked. An attractive addition to any v
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Get Ready To Enter Our... Kg Plotter Competition 2019
We invite you to send in a few pictures of your plot and yourself and we will judge this on many different aspects, including how you have overcome all the usual plot challenges to grow great veg and fruit. WINNER RECEIVES: Mountfield battery Tiller