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My plot is an allotment-sized ‘potager’ in France, to which I flit backwards and forwards across the channel, getting there roughly once every five to six weeks for a week or three, which I can do now as I’m semi-retired. As it is ‘long-distance gardening,’ the plot has to be able to take care of itself, so I fill it with low-maintenance crops such as lettuce, radish, carrots, onions, potatoes, blight-resistant tomatoes, low-growing beans,

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Wildlife isn’t having an easy time. Reports detailing the demise of the natural world are being released with alarming frequency. We are told we’re in the midst of the sixth mass extinction of the past half-billion years. The last one was 65 million
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Rob’s Favourites
■ ‘ISHIKURA’ (Allium fistulosum) – An outstanding variety that does not bulb but forms long white stalks. It is a perennial variety that is cold hardy, very adaptable to various climates and resistant to pink root and botrytis leaf blight. It is suit
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Product Reviews Pest Traps
Made from recycled polypropylene, this Slug X trap attracts slug and snails with beer as bait. It has three ‘drowning’ wells and is portable – it does not need to be semi-buried. GARDENING NATURALLY TEL: 01285 760505 P