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you believe the hype, the chokeberry or aronia is yet another miracle food, bursting with antioxidants and curing almost everything from diabetes to heart problems. I’d sooner think of them as just another striking shrub which just happens to have the bonus of edible fruits, which for once are better for us than

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Turnips, along with swedes and other root crops, have long been grown as staple foods and with good reason. They are nutritious, relatively easy to grow and store well. But tastes and trends change and for some time turnips fell from favour. However,
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We will be following the highs and lows of the growing seasons for our five gardeners and comparing how their crops grow in different parts of the country. Here are our five … ■ Small garden veggie grower and blogger ■ Bill says you don’t need an all
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On The Veg Patch
Delicious red berries are ripening on plants this month. Cover with netting so birds can’t eat the fruit and raise this up so they can’t peck through the mesh. You can use straw to mulch between plants and keep fruits clean, but this can encourage sl