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Brinsea’s wind-powered Bird Scarer uses flashes of reflected sunlight and predator ‘eyes’ to deter wild birds without disturbing neighbours or domestic birds. Its all-metal construction and long-life ball bearings ensure durability. It can be pushed into the soil for lower crops or strapped to a post for

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Kitchen Garden4 min read
Rooted In Tradition
Soil is everything when it comes to growing any veg crop, but with carrots it is even more important to get the conditions right if you want those long straight roots. Exhibition growers certainly know this and few grow their treasured crop directly
Kitchen Garden1 min read
On The Veg Patch
Tidy up the strawberry patch when plants finish fruiting. At its simplest this means removing any runners or discoloured leaves and clearing any debris around plants. Strawberry plants can crop well for three years, provided you keep them healthy. Do
Kitchen Garden2 min read
In The Greenhouse
As we enter July the polytunnel and greenhouse is starting to get very productive! Crops that we also grow outside are usually ready a month or so earlier when grown undercover, which helps to extend the supply of home-grown fresh vegetables from the