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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure2 min read
How Quick Can You Shift?
Quickshifters are fast becoming commonplace on new bikes – and not just sports bikes, a lot of regular road bikes have them too. But what’s wrong with using a clutch? What benefits do quickshifters bring? And why would we want them? We spoke to Garet
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure5 min read
As Good As It Gets
I couldn’t be any further from those glamorous images KTM portrays on its social media and posters. I’m a middle-aged dad, in mid-Wales, it’s cold and it looks like it’s about to rain. Will KTM’s new 790 Adventure R perform in the ‘real-world’ and in
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure9 min read
Big Is Beautiful
Everyone has their own slightly different opinion about what it is that defines an adventure motorcycle. For some riders, an adventure simply involves a long slog on the motorway broken up by a couple of trails, but for others it means standing on th