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A map sleeve on a tank bag can be a big help on strange roads.


Make sure they have plenty of tread to give you peace of mind.


Check your oil, brake fluid and coolant levels before your journey.


Do the chain and sprockets need changing before you set off?


Don’t be tempted to pack more than you can fit in your bags.


Check your mileage and get a service done if one is due soon.

Being blown off your feet by another speeding French lorry as you sit on the hard shoulder, wishing you’d checked the oil before you left home isn’t a great way to spend your summer holidays. Neither is looking at a hole worn in your swingarm, knowing you’ve got the tools to adjust your chain tucked safely in your toolbox at home, 7368 miles away. Save yourself from having to learn the Spanish for ‘front wheel bearings’ by spending a Sunday in the garage getting your bike and kit in order.


It doesn’t need saying that you shouldn’t leave for a 2000-mile trip around Europe with only 200 miles

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