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Test fleet: Suzuki V-Strom 650XT


It’s that time of year again. It’s odd, I know full well planetary movement dictates considerable climate change. Even so, the lower temperatures and fewer hours of light it brings still cause me despondence each and every time. It’s the 58th occasion I’ve experienced it, though thankfully these days I’m better equipped than ever to deal with that disagreeable

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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure3 min read
The Great Pannier Debate
Motorcycle panniers are the things that convert our coffee shop blaster to a travelling, touring, discovering, over-landing time machine. They’re also the cause of much debate. However, if you’re going touring then some form of luggage is a necessity
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure3 min read
Test fleet: HONDA CB650R
Cold and wet – that was what characterised my early, longer rides on the CB650R this month, as I rode along, sat silently cursing – or perhaps loudly, through chattering teeth – its lack of fairing, no heated grips, no heater, no roof… One knows thin
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure4 min read
Milo Dokmanovic from Kawasaki Motors UK, was being very patient as he took me through it all just one more time… “And so, Bertie, you press this button here, then check the display and then press that button there and you can change the display. Clic