Cassington – oh dear, PUB forgot Cassington! Boo. From the RC Facebook pages she sees that there was a Parilla there too, B44 Clive would like to have looked at that, as he is working on one right now. Never mind, there will be another year, and meantime there has been plenty of other activity and opportunity to ogle bikes since last month.

With VMCC Banbury ahead it was time to awaken the 1897 Leon Bollée from its winter slumbers and see whether it would condescend to run. After dragging it out, a bit of oiling and greasing, and filling with petrol and electricity it took only a few pulls to chug into life. The Daventry Motorcycle Festival, whose organisers PUB assists, occurs early in June, so offers a good opportunity for a test run and to put it on show. That went well enough, but marshalling duty from early morning set-up to late afternoon clear-up before being able to fire it up again and go home was very tiring.

The Sunbeam Club’s Rose of the Shires run took place the following day, based at Stoke Bruerne. PUB really should enter this event (open to all pre-war machines, not just veterans), but for a gentle, restful, day of recuperation PUB merely went along to watch, and to give her 1926 HRD a

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