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When it comes to customising a scooter, whatever make or model it is, we all need ideas to help with inspiration from one source or another. It’s almost impossible these days to create something totally unique but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t perfect an already existing format. Sometimes this allows for a whole host of creative solutions to materialise when the person doing it is a talented engineer.

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Neil Heppenstall has been involved in the scooter scene for some 25 years or more. His first scooter, an old PX 125, was initially purchased from a newspaper purely as a form of transport to get back and forth to work on. He played in a band at the time and many of those who followed them turned up to watch on scooters. Slowly, Neil’s interest in the Vespa just being a commuter vehicle changed to one more of leisure and the vibrant scene that went with it. His foray

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