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Hammer time!

The very best thing about motorcycle auctions is that they are exciting. They are also, entertaining, involving, thought-provoking and fascinating. Those are the best things. They are also the worst things. Strange but true.

Motorcycle auctions – this is a motorcycle magazine, and although auctions of second-hand furniture and piggy banks, so forth, may

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The Classic MotorCycle4 min read
With Due Reverence…
On Sunday, May 5, around three dozen prewar solos and sidecar outfits lined up in the car park of St Barnabas’ Church in Bexhill, Sussex for the Ixion Run. The occasion is becoming established as a regular outing for those willing to follow a route o
The Classic MotorCycle2 min read
Relieving Pressure
Triumph’s oil release valve is an indicator of oil pressure within an engine – all well and the little button protrudes a short distance from the valve body. In pre-unit engines it’s in the timing case and can be vulnerable; on unit engines it’s in t
The Classic MotorCycle8 min read
High Point
A‘revolutionary in motorcycles’ was the way the period press described the new hub-steered ‘Bi-Car’ when it was launched at the Crystal Palace show in 1905. Powered by a 3hp German Fafnir engine, the innovative low-slung machine was the brainchild of