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The forgotten twin


Regular readers will be familiar with the acronym NAIT – Not Appearing In Tragatch’s encyclopaedia of motorcycles. Well, here’s a marque that does appear in Tragatch, but hardly anywhere else except, naturally, in that home of the rare and unusual – Sammy Miller’s Museum.

Unusually, it’s not one of Sammy’s own restorations, being bought at auction last year, so he doesn’t know too much about its history, except that its vendor and restorer had bought it in a dismantled and incomplete state nine years previously. He obviously made a very nice job of the restoration, as the Grigg both looks and goes very well. In fact, after a ride on it I was left wondering why the marque wasn’t more successful or better known.

Perhaps part of the answer lies in the mercurial character of its founder, Harry Grigg. The Grigg family originated in the Midlands, but by the early years of the

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