The Classic MotorCycle

‘A first-class motorcycle’


It becomes even more understandable why the aforementioned previous owner was less than enthusiastic about offering his Red Hunter up for the war effort, upon reading of a Motor Cycling road test of

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The Classic MotorCycle8 min read
The Spark Of The Matter
Although an electrical engineer named Marcus was probably the first to build a low tension magneto, by 1898 German electrical engineering experts Simms-Bosch were among the leaders to hone the design into a workable system for the internal combustion
The Classic MotorCycle1 min read
Going Large In Laughton
The Sussex village of Laughton is situated a little off the main roads, but the 27th annual Cuckoo Fayre over May 25-27 was another enormous celebration of just about anything under that catch-all heritage banner, from steam-powered road locomotives
The Classic MotorCycle6 min read
Holy TT relic
SOME things need to be seen in their proper context, so with the mighty Lightweight Rex-Acme being on the Island, it would be wrong not to photograph it on the Isle of Man TT course. This is a marque, after all, whose greatness was built on its perfo