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Prewar Rudge competition manager F A ‘Rowley’ Rowlandson (listed in some reports as S A Rowlandson) had been promoted from Temporary LT to Acting Captain. In 1914, he won a sidecar handicap race at Brooklands and raced in the IoM, and participated

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The Classic MotorCycle7 min read
Whatever Happened To Baby Triumphs?
If you are someone who gives your motorcycles a name, let me introduce you to ‘Hugh’ (Hughie to his friends), a 1924 Triumph Junior now belonging to West Country enthusiast Colin Groves. You might know the model by its more normal nickname of ‘Baby’
The Classic MotorCycle2 min read
Full Charge Ahead
American Benjamin Franklin coined the term ‘battery’ in 1749 after joining a number of capacitors while carrying out electrical experiments. As we know, the term is still in use today, but correctly the rechargeable batteries, often used for our moto
The Classic MotorCycle9 min read
Simple Ceefer
In the last couple of years, BSA’s humble C15 has been making a bit of a surprising comeback. Some prominent BSA buffs have opted for the tidy 250cc unit single as a daily driver, and more. The bottom line is a relatively low price today, allied to s