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Finding Time to Paint

Greetings! In this series of articles my aim is to present a student’s perspective of learning to paint, with all the inherent distractions of “everyday life” that we each, simultaneously, have to cope with. Today’s article will deal with shuffling time, finding a place to paint and how we can awaken the creative force within us. I will also discuss distracting issues that confront us all.

Now let me introduce myself, and this article, by recalling my situation some twenty years ago.

Shuffling Time

Well now; I have finished the dishes and am going to paint.

“Funny boy!” I forgot that I have yet to get the children to tidy up the mess they made, put them to bed, read them each a story and then prepare a lesson for my Year 9 science class for tomorrow. The thought of setting up my painting area so that I don’t upset anyone, and then having to put it all away again when I’m finished is enough to put a sane person off painting altogether.

So, how do we cope with

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