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My Art is my Passion!

I have always done some sort of creative pursuit, but my art has manifested into a desire and a passion I cannot live without. I used to draw when I was a child as far back as I can remember. My first encounter with painting was more than 20 years ago when I started going to what was then known as ‘Folk Art”. I found myself getting very absorbed with this, but it was by chance that a woman did a workshop on how

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Artist's Back to Basics3 min read
Green Turtle on Ribbon Reef
My approach to artworks is primarily influenced by both the subject matter and the medium I am using. Nothing can be truer than the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ when it is applied to our marine environment. While we are drawn to its shores and
Artist's Back to Basics2 min read
Purple Swamp Hens
This particular painting was commissioned for someone moving overseas. The scene depicts the view from their family home. The client wanted the dam, windmill and gum tree in the painting. The swamp hens in the foreground are frequent visitors to the
Artist's Back to Basics4 min read
A History of Pastels
There really is nothing quite as exciting as opening the lid of a new wooden box to reveal the resonating beautiful colours of pastels, they almost whisper “potential”. Artists love pastels because of their extraordinary colour range and for their im