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This uniquely talented man was born at Redcliffe (Queensland) in 1966.

Among his early memories is that of an ever-present burning desire to create things in his own way.

“My brain was never going to let me be happy with a conventional life,” Brett claims.

He left school after Year 10, and completed a Fitting and Turning apprenticeship in Brisbane – before relocating to the far north of Queensland where he worked at various jobs in the metal and mining

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• When working from photographs, have several of your chosen subject. For portraits, animal or human, photos from different angles and in differing light can be extremely helpful. • With any set of colour medium create your own colour chart. They are
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I was born in Cambridgeshire, in the United Kingdom. I met my Australian husband when he was on a working holiday in the UK, and he ‘kidnapped’ me and brought me to Australia in the mid ’70s. Seymour in Victoria is my home now. I work for Victoria Po