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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration1 min read
Artist S Hints And Tips
• When drawing animals always use linear strokes, allowing your hand to move freely in the direction of hair growth even in the base layout, as this helps to achieve realistic results more easily and quickly. • Allow your paper to do some of the job
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration3 min read
My Detailed Style
I was born in Russia and as a child I always spent my spare time painting and drawing. At that time in the former Soviet Union, art materials were quite expensive and hard to find. But thanks to my mother I have always had good brushes and paints to
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration1 min read
Colour Burst
My selection of colours is chosen from autumn flowers in my garden. These are set up on a plate. The colours may change as the work progresses. After taping the card to a padded board, I’m ready to start. The masking tape gives a clean edge to the fi