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Wildlife Conservation Artist

I didn’t actively decide to pursue art until I was 13 years old and I entered (and won) an art competition run by the local community newsletter “The Village Journal”. Although always encouraged to dabble in art by my talented mother, until then I hadn’t developed any particular aptitude – the diverse array of art materials I had been preciously hoarding remained largely untouched!

The competition called for a border design for the newsletter’s back-page calendar, and, ever ambitious, in that first attempt with a black felt-tipped pen, I managed to include a rough sketch of no less than five native Australian animals – a koala, platypus, echidna

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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration6 min read
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I was born in Cambridgeshire, in the United Kingdom. I met my Australian husband when he was on a working holiday in the UK, and he ‘kidnapped’ me and brought me to Australia in the mid ’70s. Seymour in Victoria is my home now. I work for Victoria Po
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration2 min read
Artist’s Hints And Tips
• When working from photographs, have several of your chosen subject. For portraits, animal or human, photos from different angles and in differing light can be extremely helpful. • With any set of colour medium create your own colour chart. They are
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration2 min read
Artist’s Hints And Tips
• Don’t be too ‘precious’ about your pastels. Remove the wrappers, they get in the way. Don’t be afraid to break them into smaller pieces if that makes them easier to work with. Breakages also provide some nice sharp edges useful for details.• Fresh