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The Path Back

I have been painting since 1975, using in order: oils, watercolours, pencils, and more often nowadays, pastels. Painting for me started at primary school, along with a few Saturday morning classes after my teacher said I should take some formal lessons. Some years later, during High School, I found a strong liking and talent for Technical Drawing and, although having achieved good marks and several suggestions from my schooling tutors, I diverted away from a career along those lines due to a lack of confidence with my ability to conquer the maths required for that topic.

Immediately after leaving school I was employed with an advertising agency, but within a matter of months I changed horses and became employed in the oil industry. That was year 1952. That career, in total, lasted for a couple of months less than 30 years. It all

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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration5 min read
Drawing Vs Dormancy
Although English born, my folks had wanderlust, so I spent my childhood growing up in in numerous locations across Australia and New Zealand. We always lived in rural areas, with the countryside on our doorstep, which, naturally as kids, we explored.
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration5 min read
• A3 size canvas sheet• Derwent Inktense Pencils• HB pencil• Fixative spray• Masking fluid• Plastic eraser• Kneadable eraser• Good quality watercolour brushes• Liner brush• Round well mixing palette• Paper towel• Derivan Matisse background Folk Black
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Fragments of Magic 2
• Mt Gambier Blue Lake Paper (‘Brolga’ hand-made, 600gsm).• Van Gogh oil pastels: Black 700.5; Prussian Blue 508.5; Blue Violet 548.5; Fir Green 654.5; Sap Green 623.5; Permanent Green 614.5; Greenish Yellow 243.5; Scarlet 334.5; Vermilion 311.5; Lig