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My Never-Ending Childhood Passion

I have been painting for almost 50 years now, but still consider I have much to learn. Like life itself, the learning process is never-ending. I have always had a passion for art and painting, and during my childhood schooldays, I used to take frequent visits to the Melbourne Gallery/ Museum, then in Swanston Street, Melbourne. I was totally in awe of the magnificent paintings, and dreamt that one day I might produce such a masterpiece. (I wish!). My childhood passion didn’t abate though!

Unforeseen circumstances prevented me from taking up the career that I had chosen; to go to teacher’s college, study art, and become a teacher. I left school at the age of fourteen and started working in April 1953. During my teen years I occasionally painted, but didn’t

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• A3 size canvas sheet• Derwent Inktense Pencils• HB pencil• Fixative spray• Masking fluid• Plastic eraser• Kneadable eraser• Good quality watercolour brushes• Liner brush• Round well mixing palette• Paper towel• Derivan Matisse background Folk Black
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