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“ A veritable torrent of answers came back ranging from dropping the entire engine into a bath of red diesel through placing it in a freezer right up to hitting it the rotor with the Red & Black Spanners (aka oxy/acetylene)…”

AS THE PHRASE goes, every day is a school day... or at least it has the potential to be one if only you let it. And reaching into my big box of trite journalistic sound bites here’s

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Classic Bike Guide5 min read
1967 Yamaha YDS3 250cc Twin, five-speed
Who can deny the usefulness of a fitting workshop manual in the restoration of a classic motorcycle? And yet – in the early days of the Japanese invasion, the manuals were somewhere between useless and extremely funny, due to being transliterated fro
Classic Bike Guide3 min read
Finding The Right Fred
We talk about our old nails in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics, power and torque, character and looking like it’s doing 100mph standing still; but when it comes down to fixing and keeping the things running it’s more tolerances, limits and fits, b
Classic Bike Guide7 min read
Fancy A Day Out?
30 Park it in the Market: One for the Londoners. On the last Thursday of every month Greenwich Market is home to an evening of classic cars and bikes, great music and street food. Park It in The Market starts after the regular Thursday Market has tid