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To maintain forward motion

’ve pretty much kept out of this whole ‘stop’ ‘no-stop’ debate where trials riding has been concerned, but have been goaded into placing my opinion on record… it is my opinion rather than that of . To recap, the whole trials thing didn’t start out as a sport, but as a method for manufacturers in the hot-bed of ingenuity, development and invention which was the late Victorian period, to demonstrate their machines worked. They did this by arranging their test riders – in those

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Classic Dirt Bike1 min read
Mx D’nations
The Motocross Des Nations, or nowadays – thanks to sponsorship – Motocross Of Nations is the premier team MX competition in the world. Starting in 1947, the series was dominated by the UK team riders who were effectively the top of the MX pile in tho
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Technically Speaking
My column this issue was going to be about the insides of a Montesa 200 engine, which belongs to a relative of mine who was abit good on a trials bike in the Fifties (he’s got the rest of the bike as well but that’s not in too bad a condition compare
Classic Dirt Bike1 min read
Swm And The Jumbo
The Milan-based company founded by Piero Sironi and Fausto Vergani built its first machines in 1971 but didn’t get into the trials market until 1977, choosing, perhaps unusually, Austrian Rotax two-stroke engines with rotary valves to power their cre