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The Endurance Legends Four-Hour race – round two of the new European Endurance Legend Cup – thundered into Donington Park with a full grid of 50 teams from across the

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Classic Racer1 min read
‘Come On Then, Stop Us Striking!’
Things had been growing tense in the world of motorcycle racing – on the riders’ side frustrations were rising to almost pique in Grand Prix. Riders were fed up with a promoter-biased recipe of dangerous tracks and poor money. By the late 1970s Kenny
Classic Racer2 min read
A Legend Lost
Like so many more of my generation I soaked up any motorcycling fix I could get, but the release of the movie On Any Sunday was the real game changer. For the first time we got a gripping take on motorcycle sport in the USA, in all its forms... but t
Classic Racer2 min read
The Stiffness Conundrum
Back in the mid-1980s, chassis stiffness was the holy grail. The principle was to made the structure as rigid as possible, so that the suspension could do its work precisely. More than 30 years later, the goal posts have moved. Controlled flex is the