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Memo on Ginger Molloy. Nice story on Ginger in the last issue, remembering his long and successful career with the ‘continental circus’! As it is with a lot of personal remembering dating far into history,

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What’s In A Name?
“The Road Racers is a very ordinary title”, explains Wallace. “My original idea was to call the film ‘The Race for Seconds’ and there was a subtitle I considered ‘For Champagne Read Guinness’ but that would never have worked because the guys never dr
Classic Racer2 min read
Twin Peaks
Bathurst mirrored major motorcycle trends throughout the Seventies and Eighties and nowhere is this more obvious than in the number of Ducati specials that raced on The Mountain in the mid-1980s. Battle of the Twins was becoming a worldwide alternati
Classic Racer2 min read
Hard As Nails
We are back from our annual Daytona holiday, slightly jet-lagged and I wish I could still feel that warm Florida sunshine on my back, but what a great trip it turned out to be. However, this visit was one with a twist in the tale. Yes, we got all th