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Supplying The Quick
Minnovation Racing first started back in 2004, as an offshoot of its main business Minnovation Ltd which specialises in mining equipment. Although it might seem like a slightly strange transition from the outside, a sincere love of classic motorcycle
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Readers Writer
Dear CR As a regular supporter of the Northern Irish road races I feel it is a tragedy that they are under so much pressure in Northern Ireland. Can you settle a bet for me? I have a £10 wager with my friend who is a regular in Northern Ireland and h
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Quick-fire Questions With Martin Page
CR: HOW DID YOU GET INTO MOTORCYCLES? MP: “That would be my dad’s fault – he bought me an ancient Francis-Barnett with a Villiers engine when I was a kid. We restored it together, and that was that. I was hooked.“ CR: HOW DID MINNOVATION RACING BEG