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Tanfield 0-4-0ST And TV Historian To Commission ‘Knotty’ Brake Coach
THE Foxfield Railway-based Knotty Coach Trust will formally welcome its restored North Staffordshire Railway (NSR) Brake 3 No. 23 into traffic on May 1. The milestone event follows its restoration by Stanegate Restorations in Northumberland. Hawth
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GO-OP Proposes Open Access To Improve And Create New West Country Services
GO-OP Co-operative Ltd has relaunched plans to provide better rail services in Wiltshire and Somerset using current open access rules. The not-for-profit company hopes to establish regular scheduled services linking Swindon, Oxford, Yeovil and Taun
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Is It A Bus? Is It Atrain? No, It’s Supertram!
A RIBBON of rails bisects Sheffield’s inner-city industrial twilight zone. Satanic forges hulk over the railway on one side of the tracks, with anodyne, possibly ephemeral, warehouses squatting on the other. A sleek electric-powered vehicle hums away