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Points Make…
My Velocette V-twin engine was progressing nicely after a week of cutting, welding and filing, the extended crank pin was ordered and would be ready in a couple of weeks, so the next job was to make the ignition system. The standard Velocette engine
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When Stainless Steel Replaces Zinc Plate… Or Not
It would be fair to say that most of the bikes I’ve restored over the years carry some stainless steel fixings. My own personal modus operandi is to use original fixings whenever they are on obvious display, quite simply because stainless nuts and bo
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics8 min read
Master Blaster!
We’ve grown so accustomed to being able to buy sports machines that have been homologated for racing that it’s hard to remember that there was a time we could only dream of the idea. Superbike racing has reached a pitch where more than a handful of f