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What a stripper!

Yeah, it’s been a brilliant – if busy – year for me to be honest since the opening article when I’d just bought this Honda VFR400R NC30.

As well as being worked way too hard by IDP Moto supremo Daryll Young (only joking boss) I’ve also been allowed to come away with the guv’nor on some of the other jobs we do, like helping out on Harley-Davidson launches around the world and I’ve been spannering in the British national race scene with the Everquip Team and American rider James Rispoli. So, those are my excuses… I know a few people have contacted asking where part two was, and

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When you buy a classic motorcycle – whether it’s a minty fresh white 1980 Yamaha RD250LC or a seen-better-days Honda FireBlade in the timeless red, white and blue livery – choosing the right insurer is vital. The last thing you need when you’re anxio