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Originally this was a project bike for another magazine back in 2005. On loan from a dealer while I sorted everything out, I fell in love with it and bought it. The £3500 I paid at the time taught me that I should have negotiated the asking price before the alterations and upgrades were carried out.

I still have it and four

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The Reed Valve Conversion
John Aylor writes: “A reed valve is basically a one-way valve made of steel, glass fibre or carbon-fibre in the inlet tract. On piston-port two-stroke the rear piston skirt is the intake ‘valve’. Suction is created in the crankcase when the piston ri
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics3 min read
Yamaha FZS600 Fazer
This was once the best budget-priced sensible middleweight that you could buy, it offered better specifications and build quality than the Suzuki Bandit 600, whose throat it was designed to go for. The FZS600 Fazer 600 is one of those bikes that tick
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min read
What To Buy And How Much To Pay
For once you’ll be looking either within the UK or to Europe, as these later RD200s never made it to the US of A. Basket cases in packing crates and cardboard boxes can be a royal pain of epic proportions, especially if some numpty has lumped in some