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The Way We Were…
Dave Willson says: “I thought you might like to see a picture of me and my daughter sitting on my Honda CB900 back in 1988. The bike was bought privately and later sold back to Mottingham Motorcycles in South London. I wonder what happened to it? I’v
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Q: Recently I went to start my Yamaha FZR Genesis. It would not start, so I have been through all the electrics and found it is the pick-up coil. This is featured in the Haynes manual but because it is a US import, they say you cannot get this part
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Show Us Yours
Hope you like my 350LC, which I have owned and ridden for 23 years. It’s got an interesting history. The last owner was a bike racer named Thomas Drury, who raced for Yamaha in the 1982 350 British Grand Prix. He was given the bike as a present from