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1972 Honda CB350K4

Q:I am the lucky owner of a 675 miles from new CB350K4 US import. As you can imagine it’s been in storage since it arrived in the UK. I want it on the road in spring and as it is 46 years old it needs a good clean and sort out. The need for new tyres has opened up a can of worms however: it still wears the original Bridgestones, which look perfect, but will be dangerous!

My problem is that

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Prize Winner
Come on CMM! We don’t want to see features purely about bikes which cost six-figure prices. I’m talking about the Marketplace on Brexit and how it impinges on the cost of the high-end classics. I for one will never own (nor want to) anything which I
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Hi-Ho Silver!
Before plastic became the material of choice with which to clothe motorcycles, steel was the default substrate. Used for guards, headlamp shells, side-panels and the like, it was either painted of plated. If you’re having panels painted then there’
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Fettling Japanese mudguards
As anyone who’s worked on them will tell you, steel guards on Japanese motorcycles are generally remarkably thin: 0.7 mm gauge steel is often the norm. This means they are both remarkably tricky to fettle and seriously prone to distortion. The latter