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Angle-grinding monkey!


Last month I set up the lumpy cams on the fire-breathing heart of this super Zed: this month I was initially faced with an uncommon piece of damage to repair on the mating faces of the crankcases where the alternator cover attached, which, obviously, needs to be oil tight.

What caused the damage is unclear, it looks as though it has been nibbled by a small rodent with uncommonly hard teeth and the bit further away had been attacked by a fool with a hammer and blunt centre punch. What actually caused the damage I guess I’ll never know, but one thing was for sure it; needed sorting.

At Stafford last year I picked up a sample of a new cyanoacrylate product to evaluate for Biker’s Toolbox. Steve Cooper also grabbed some and wrote a piece in this very organ about his findings, which were positive. Given the problems with welding up this damage, I thought I would give the

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