Happy Earth equals happy trail runners

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There was a place that was paradise. They called it Earth, to honour the soil that provided food for all life. It had forests that stretched from horizon to horizon, and sparkling blue seas teeming with life.

Then a creature crawled from the deep water onto the beaches, grew arms and legs, and changed everything. It

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Mac Mac Ultra
Jansen Pretorius and Cronje Oosthuizen speed through lush Mpumalanga forest during the inaugural Mac Mac Ultra 80km. Cronje (wearing grey) was running his first 50 miler. He only realised that he and Jansen were in the same Potchefstroom Trail and Ul
TRAIL2 min readScience
Mind Over Matter
An important tool for any elite runner is visualisation using imagery and self-hypnosis. Back in 1992, I was intrigued by what is called highway hypnosis. I would be driving and then suddenly realise I couldn’t remember the last half hour of the driv
TRAIL4 min read
Cold Killer
Ceres GP and trail runner Jannas du Plessis explains the biological mechanism behind hypothermia. Humans function perfectly at 37°C, but extreme conditions can drop our body temperature below that, which becomes a a life threatening condition. Hypoth