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Trail ZA
Publisher Deon Braun | Editorial Heloise | 031 261 6133 Advertising Deon | 082 377 4669 Event listings Send info to Address 64 Feilden Drive, Glenmore, Durban, 40
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Octogenarian Joy
Jan van den Berg, parent to Team C (power trail couple Caitlin Lewis and Cobus van den Berg) is running short and long for the joy of it at age 86. Jan runs 5km to 8km every second day, wearing polyester shorts and a pair of beat up tekkies. He doesn
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Tranquilitas MP
Access 8:30am-4:30pm Dogs No Fee R40 / Trails Various / Best route 25km / Ascent 840m / Difficulty Intermediate / Time 160min Waterval Boven is an adventurer’s paradise: the perfect trail training ground. Tranquilitas Adventure Farm has played a majo