India Baird of Rock Girl was outraged by the murders of Franziska Blochliger (16) and Sinoxolo Mafevuka (19) in March 2016. It inspired her to bring Capetonians together to build a safer country for all, and the brave. RUN was born.

On Saturday, 23 April, Capetonian activists ran 30km from Khayelitsha to Cape Town “sending a message of support to all women

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TRAIL7 min readSelf-Improvement
Double Trouble
When my daughter was young, it was an interesting exercise watching how she spent her weekly pocket money. At age seven, she would rush into a toy shop and blow all her money in one fell swoop, and be left with nothing for the remainder of the week.
TRAIL4 min read
Mother's Weed Dealer
My mother, who lives on the Garden Route, has a weed dealer. He grows it on his farm and supplies it as oil in a syringe. Ma keeps it wrapped in cling film in the fridge, between the half lemon and the coriander. She says it’s to help her sleep bette
TRAIL2 min read
The Amazon’s Sky River
We used to think that rain came from the sky, but it actually comes from the trees. Ongoing research indicates that tropical forests work like moisture pumps. Under full sunshine, evaporation from forests can be higher than from oceans. International