Training Essentials for Ultrarunning

Jason Koop with Jim Rutberg


“I’m not trying to scare anyone off from running an ultra, but if you screw up your hydration enough, you could end up in the hospital or even die.”

Those are sobering words from author Jason Koop in Chapter 4. That section is titled Failure Points and How to Fix Them. Jason’s statement is a realistic assessment of any runner who has gone into severe hydration imbalance. But rather than fearing I may one day end up in hospital or even dead, this book has helped me understand the mechanics of ultrarunning far better than before. Running my next ultra just became that much more manageable.

Koop is the director of coaching at Carmichael Training Systems and comes from a running background. He is considered by many to be the best ultrarunning coach in the USA, with athletes like Dakota Jones, Missy Gosney (first woman Nolan 14 finisher with Anna Frost), Tim Olson, and Dylan Bowman amongst some of his clients.

Although the

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