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automotive styling progressed from the Model T, Ford Motor Company was softening the sharp edges and rounding the shape of their cars. By 1933 the progress was evident in the overall design. However we always

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There’s a great tradition in our Hot Rod world that we just can’t hear enough about. The Charity Panel Jam (CPJ) is where pinstripers and other automotive artists get together, paint up lots of Kool Hot Rod art and sell it to raise money for kids. Kr
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Havasu Fun Just Like The Old Days
Havasu Deuces hosted their 4th annual event in Lake Havasu City, Arizona which is located on the banks of Lake Havasu in the Northwest part of the state. LHC has a population of just over 50,000 and a hot rod community that rivals cities 10 times the
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Making its return to the NSRA Nationals, the Hot Rod Education Days are a great way to learn useful information and practices of hot-rodding systems and components. These seminars are open to anyone showing or attending the Nationals, and once again