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The History of Acrylic Paints

Advances in painting product technology have led to some of the greatest changes in art history. For example, in 1841 oil paint became available in capped tubes, allowing artists the flexibility to paint outdoors. This in turn lead artists such as Monet and the impressionists to paint en plein air (outside). Without this newfound freedom offered by portable paint tubes, the popularity of this new painting style would not have led to the Alla Prima or ‘wet on wet’ technique of painting which formed the basis of the stylewithout tubes of paint there would haven been no impressionism.”

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Slim Pickings
I roughly painted my canvas by using up remaining paints from a previous painting in earthy tones. I rubbed out some areas and added more paint into sections and left any marks that will represent the dry earth and twigs etc. As I do not intend to pa
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Morning After Rain – Brisbane Bush
After deciding on size and format, I drew the foreground objects to size with as much detail as possible before transferring them onto my prepared board. When I airbrush a background (as in this painting), I mask the bird and the branch with masking
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Fine Artist, Tutor and Art Judge
I remember always being passionate about drawing, from childhood right through to now. I always knew, deep down, that being a pencil artist was my career path. Even as a youngster, I was never prolific ever, but would spend many hours absorbed totall