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Snow Boarder

During Ashley’s short life he was keen on snow boarding, and he had incredible artistic talent. I particularly admired the Onimbo logo he created. I came up with the image I wanted to paint, and included Ashley’s Onimbo logo on the board as it accentuated the composition, mimicking the heels of the shoes and drawing viewers’ eyes up to the bum – while the fine finger off the right of the logo

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Who Needs Trees?
Claybord is made up of a hard panel that has been coated with a fine layer of smooth clay. When I work on white Claybord, I like to combine painting, drawing and scratching to create a piece with a unique style and texture. I created this piece ‘Who
Australian How To Paint2 min read
Flinders Creekbed
My reference photograph for this demonstration was a picture of a dry creekbed in the Flinders Ranges. The picture was taken on a painting trip to Angaritchna Station. Although the photograph was vertical, I chose a horizontal format for my painting
Australian How To Paint5 min read
I was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania (USA) in 1974. These days I live in the Brisbane suburb of Yeronga. I moved to Brisbane in December 2007 with my husband Eric, who is a marine biologist at the University of Queensland. I have a small studio belo