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Duffy’s Farm

There is nowhere to hide when you draw, visual accuracy especially when drawing architecture or the built environment with just a pencil and sketchbook is essential, for the most part the natural flow of building along a busy high street or an isolated farm cottage are something we take for granted, but when attempting to render the building the laws of perspective and their relationship with the immediate surroundings must be observed if you are to achieve a visually pleasing composition. I keep my drawing materials to a minimum when I’m out drawing

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Australian How To Paint23 min read
Paper and Canvas Contributed
Glenn Demnar, my art mentor for many years, used the term ‘loose’. Looseness has become a predominant feature of my style. With oils, being ‘loose’ engenders minimal risk … it’s only paint. So-called mistakes can be corrected through overpainting; sc
Australian How To Paint3 min read
Country Cousins
I had been out to Colby dam, near Toowoomba. I had seen this old gate beside the road and stopped to photograph it. What I saw inspired me and the idea for this painting of ‘Country Cousins’ was born. From when the initial idea was formed, the proces
Australian How To Paint2 min read
Flinders Creekbed
My reference photograph for this demonstration was a picture of a dry creekbed in the Flinders Ranges. The picture was taken on a painting trip to Angaritchna Station. Although the photograph was vertical, I chose a horizontal format for my painting