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This artist has tried her hand at many creative pursuits, from drawing to painting, Hobbytex to calligraphy, pottery to cross stitching, and folk art to woodwork, and is now enjoying honing her water colour skills.

I was born and raised in the southern suburbs of Melbourne on Port Phillip Bay. My parents built their house where there were mainly holiday homes at the time. I lived two streets away from the beach and spent many summers swimming as I grew up. We were surrounded by dairy farms and bush. My mother kept chooks and I loved to carry them around, poor things! I loved the outdoors and animals, I spent a lot of time handfeeding lambs and collecting them from the neighbours’ yards when they escaped, and I

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Creative Artist3 min read
With Camera in Hand
During my early years, my relationship with photography could be defined as rocky at best. Early cameras were of limited quality, though I did manage to capture some of the best reds and yellows that light pollution could muster. If memory serves me
Creative Artist2 min read
It’s All In The Detail
On a sheet of Bank paper (similar to copy paper) the same size as my intended painting, I do a simple line drawing. I trace the drawing lightly on to my watercolour paper. Tracing eliminates erasing any pencil lines on the watercolour paper, which ca
Creative Artist8 min read
I grid both my reference photo and my watercolour paper into 16 rectangles and draw freehand with a Fine or H Staedtler Mars 780 thick lead mechanical pencil. The grid lines keep me from getting too far off base, and the slightly hard pencil won’t sm