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A Life with Art

Adrian Ball is a Queensland based artist who works predominantly with acrylics on canvas. His work comprises of mostly landscapes in a realistic painting style. Living in such a beautiful place means Adrian has no shortage of inspiration, especially when touring the countryside of the Gold Coast Hinterland region, where he lives and works.

For Adrian, his talent for art was evident from a young age. Early

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I’ve travelled extensively, pursuing subject matter to capture and translate onto canvas. I’ve covered thousands of kilometres on foot and have slogged my way through the Barrios of Spain, the medinas of Morocco and across the provinces of France, Cu
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I’m never quite sure what to expect when visiting a new studio, but often get a mental picture long before I get there, for while many studios these days are more than just places to set up an easel and shut out the world, the common denominator is o
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Toothed Paper for Soft Pastels
Certainly scratchboard done the way I do it also resembles drawing. I used to be an artist who plugged away at oils, acrylics, or even watercolours and never made any of them work properly for me. In fact, I have huge admiration for anyone who can us