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The Turku Archipelago. Or as the locals simply call it, The Archipelago. Offhand, that’s not a destination most U.S. boaters would know. But if you’re thinking about boating and exploring in Scandinavian waters, it’s a must-see. Or so I was told by the broadcaster considered “the most trusted man in America.”

It was 1984, and I was the newly minted editor of , then located in Annapolis, Maryland, and owned by Manhattan-based Whitney Communications. Walter Cronkite served on the board of that corporation, and being a highly experienced cruising yachtsman who transited the East Coast every year, took a special interest in our series of coastal cruising guides. My assignment was simple: Have lunch with

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After covering the 2012 trial of 10 Somali pirates in Hamburg, Germany, American literary journalist and novelist Michael Scott Moore was intrigued. He had listened to the defendants’—poor fisherman in a country that’s been blanketed in the darkness
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Jarrett Bay 67
In the daylight, the new Jarrett Bay 67 Sport Yacht looks like it could have idled out of the 1920s and cruised right into 2019. By night, the blue lights under the gunwales tell a different story of modernity. This Great Gatsby-meets-Ocean Reef Club
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Crash & Burn
My favorite part of Speed Kills, the quasi-biopic starring John Travolta, comes around the halfway point. In a smoky Miami nightclub, the King of Jordan, Hussein bin Talal, introduces his womanizing, offshore-racing business associate with a stately