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Q&A: A look at whys and hows of hopeful US asylum-seekers

MATAMOROS, Mexico - Many immigrants entering the U.S. - legally and illegally - claim asylum. Advocates for greater limits on immigration, particularly "chain migration" based on family relationships rather than employment skills, have tried to restrict asylum-seekers.

This month, President Donald Trump issued a proclamation preventing immigrants from claiming asylum if they crossed the border illegally. On Monday, a federal judge in San Francisco blocked that "asylum ban."

But the judge's ruling did not address another U.S. policy that's forcing asylum-seekers to wait on the Mexican side of border bridges, adding their names to growing waiting lists maintained by Mexican officials. On Thursday, a small group of Central American migrants marched peacefully to a border crossing in Tijuana to demand better conditions and push to enter the U.S. We talked to migrants waiting to cross the border legally at a shelter and border bridge in Matamoros, and those who had crossed illegally and

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