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There are some moments in the growing season that neatly encapsulate why we go to so much effort growing our own fruits and vegetables. That sweet first picking of strawberries, the fleeting window of garden asparagus, or shelling your own petits pois for a near-sacred dining experience – these are the sorts of harvests that make it all worthwhile!

For me? Well, nothing compares to the first home-grown spuds of summer. Soft, pale yellow potatoes, no bigger than a hen’s egg. Boil ’em up with a few handfuls of garden mint then serve with generous curls of butter, lots of white pepper and a decadent garnish of more mint, finely chopped, with chives added in for good measure. Wow – now that’s how it should be

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I had planned to email last summer regarding my blueberries. The first few photos are from last year and show a bush which was full of fruit which just withered and died. I did lose two plants last year. We have extended it this spring and planted fo