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Truth or Dare: From Secrets, Lies & Vatican Ties to Transparency…and Freedom

Truth or Dare: From Secrets, Lies & Vatican Ties to Transparency…and Freedom, By Tina Alexis Allen. Photograph of church by Chad Greiter

Photograph by Chad Greiter

Untangling web of family secrets, lies and Vatican ties, a woman discovers a path to freedom through truth and transparency

I grew up the youngest of thirteen children in a home oozing with religiosity and steeped in Catholic dogma.

My five brothers were named after the Apostles (they were even given the middle name ‘Mary’ — yes, all 5 of them), while we eight girls were named after saints. Dad, knighted by Pope Pius XII, was our pious leader as we recited the Rosary each night, kneeling before the large

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