When An Undead Apocalypse First Swept America In The 'Night Of The Living Dead'

The classic film about zombies — the Night of the Living Dead -- has been restored by the Museum of Modern Art and is being screened around the world in it's 50th anniversary year.
A line of undead 'zombies' walk through a field in the night in a still from the film, 'Night Of The Living Dead,' directed by George Romero, 1968. The film has been reissued for screenings on the 50th anniversary of its release. Source: Pictorial Parade

A few weeks ago, I drove three hours to reach a screening of the restored print of George Romero's classic black and white zombie film. Sitting in the multiplex theater, I tried to put myself back in the mindset of someone seeing it fresh as the main characters, Barbara and her unnamed brother, find themselves in a cemetery.

"They're coming to get you, Barbara," he teases. "Look, there comes one of them now!"

What they don't know is that an undead apocalypse is about to sweep America and

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